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Candle Bar

First and Only Candle Bar in the Central Coast of California

If you're looking to do something fun and different in the beautiful Central Coast of California, look no further. Our Candle Bar is unique and fun! We're located at 1140 Price St Pismo Beach, CA. We're two blocks away from the beach! If you're celebrating something, please let us know in advance. We'd like to make your pouring experience special.


What's a Candle Bar?

In the Candle Bar you crate your very own candle. This is a DIY Candle Bar. You can mix and match up to 4 oils per candle. We have more than 50 scents to choose from. You pour, mix the oils, and decorate your candle. Your candle will be unique and fun to make!

We offer two types of candle pouring:

Pop In & Pour - 30 min

Our Pop In and Pour don't need reservations. Come anytime of the day during our business hours to blend your own oils. However, due to high demand we encourage everyone to make reservation to ensure a spot at the bar. This is a DIY candle pouring. We provide the instructions for you to follow. We'll be there to assist if you need it.

Prices vary from $27 to $41 per candle.

Sip Melt & Pour ™ - 60 min

We're so proud to be the first in the Central Coast to offer Sip, Melt, & Pour™!

BYOW (Bring your own wine) candle making class! Come have fun with us and let us show you how to make candles while sipping on your favorite and local wine. How relaxing! 

Not only will you learn how to make candles, but you'll also learn what the candle industry is not telling you about candles. Learn about different type of waxes, chemicals in oils, and more.

$50 per person.


Candle Bar San Luis Obispo

Got questions?

What does the Pop in and Pour include?

The experience includes all the candle making materials to make a 100% soy wax candle. You'll also receive a 15% off to use in our retail store.

What to do while you wait for you candle to set?

While your candle sets, you can go shop around Pismo or simply enjoy the sunset at the Beach. If you can't wait for it, don't worry! We can ship it to your house and maybe you want to add more goodies from the store in your package ($5 shipping fee).

How many people does Sip, Melt, & Pour™ accommodate at a time?

The size of the class is only for 8 people. So call your besties and enjoy an evening making your OWN candle.

Can I bring something to drink?

Yes, please. This is a BYOW (Bring your own wine) or your favorite drink. 

Are children allowed to the pouring sessions? 

Yes!! Our candle bar is best catered to kids 10 and up and should be accompanied by an adult.

Do I need to bring something to pouring session?

No, just bring yourself!

What's the difference between Pop In and Pour and Sip, Melt, & Pour™?

Pop in & Pour is a DIY candle pouring. You follow the written instructions that we provide. Sip, Melt, & Pour™ is a workshop. We explain every single step and also you learn about chemicals, different type of waxes, etc. 

Do I need reservations for Pop In and Pour or Sip, Melt, & Pour™?

You need reservations for our workshop Sip, Melt, & Pour™. You don't need reservations for our Pop in and Pour. However, we really really really encourage you to make reservations to ensure you get a spot at the bar.

Do you private events?

We sure do! Please email us at hello@themayancollective.com

Do you do corporate events?

Yes, we do. We can set our Sip, Melt, & Pour™ at any location. Please email us to coordinate and get more information.

Do you have more questions? please email us at hello@themayancollective.com