About Us

We're Karla & Spencer, a husband & wife team based in the beautiful Central Coast in California. We have an one year old baby girl and two beautiful golden retrievers. 

Karla is a photographer and an aspire nursing student from Guatemala. Spencer is a registered nurse from Ohio. We both have the passion to help and serve others. 

We started making "thank you candles" for Karla's photography clients. She has always thought that giving a handmade gift to her clients showed appreciation to them for choosing her as a photographer. 

Our business expanded even more when Covid-19 started. As we all know, it affected every single person in this planet. Unfortunately, people in Guatemala don't have any of the social welfare programs that we enjoy here in the United States, and we felt obliged to help, as we have family in Guatemala.


As the pandemic starting affecting more people, Guatemalans were losing their jobs and some others were getting sick. This means no job no food. Since people were lacking of money, Guatemalans came up with a creative idea to warn others that they were in need of food.  They place a white flag outside their houses which means "we need food". This saddens our hearts.


When we heard this and read this in the Guatemala news, we couldn't just sit back and do nothing. Therefore, we decided to take our business to the next level. We started sending our proceeds to Karla's family to put care packages together and deliver this to families in need. Now 20% of our proceeds from sales go toward families in Guatemala struggling with the effects of COVID-19. 

Now you know that while you enjoy your beautiful handcrafted candle you're also helping a family with food.  We're very grateful that God is giving us this opportunity to grow our business based on a beautiful cause and we're grateful for you visiting our site.